By Rhea Menon, Class of Spring 21

Final Reflection Podcast by Rhea Menon

By Vanessa Tolentino, Class of Spring 21

April 8, 2021

Nessa Tolentino, Author

When I was in undergrad, I was often asked what I was planning on doing with my degree. A communication studies degree could take me anywhere, but I had always said that I was going into public relations. In all…

By Sia Papadopoulos, Class of Spring 21

Author Sia: Agent of Change-in-the-Making

The communications and PR industry has an opportunity to be agent of change in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). As conversations of DE&I have surfaced and organizations have been in the spotlight, the role of the communicator is more crucial than ever…

By Christine Stolte, Class of Spring 21

Christine: purpose and accountability

My brain scrambled to so many places when I saw the outline for GCE Reflection. Should I speak about organizations like Slack and have a full circle moment with speaking to their diversity and inclusion efforts? Do I write about the school system…

By Sarah Heiman, Class of Spring 21

Storyworks Campaign x PR industry roles

Sarah: influencing diversity in the PR industry

I have had the opportunity to work on a campaign as a part of our Storyworks project in partnership with the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms, also known as the CCPRF. CCPRF is a national organization of leading public relations agencies that…

By Hamzia Bawa-Zeba, Class of Spring 21

Hamzia: Trust & Authenticity in PR

I recently completed an eight month crash course in corporate communications. I say crash course because it felt like information overload. The level and intensity of the information thrown at my classmates and I throughout our post-graduate program was one I was not…

By Nathaniel Glassman, Class of Spring 21

Nathaniel Glassman: Good vs Bad

I can easily group every job I have ever had into two distinct piles. One pile is full of good jobs and the other is full of bad ones. As I sort through my memories of old jobs, it takes a split second…

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Work by students of Centennial College’s Post Grad PR Certificate program.

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